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ECommerce Functions

The Neogia solution proposes out of standard a solution of remote sale on a E-trade site which answers the whole problems of on line sale for B2B or B2C activities.

The Neogia solution integrates easily with elements of design or style defined by the customer thanks to the use of templates and style sheets.

The eCommerce module has all the necessary functionalities for remote sale activities :

Search for articles in the catalog

A search engine of the products is accessible directly by the customers at the commercial site using the key words associated with each product. These key words are generated and/or are managed manually.

View of the product by list

The view of the products of a category is a standard functionality of the Neogia solution.

View by selected product

List of product.

Basket of purchases

Management of the orders by basket of purchases. A fast functionality of addition of article makes it possible to accelerate the management of the basket in particular in case of replacement of articles by others.

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